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July 7, 2008

Major website overhaul and other projects

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I’m sorry I’ve been a bit slow on writing up new blog posts. Essentially, I’ve been really busy with the following:

  • Recording the new album.
  • Promoting the Cat and Bird 7″ lathe cut.
  • Creating a new multi-media single for Darkwave, including various recordings, remixes, videos and a short film.
  • Putting together a whole new live show as a solo performer, using synths, vocoders, drum machines, field recordings and looping guitars.
  • Helping book a North Island tour for late August. Solo Enright House, solo i.Ryoko.
  • Personal stuff. Dad just arrived in the country. Getting my life on track for next year. Planning my move to the US in January.
  • Pre-planning a US tour with Misfit Mod for March/April ’09.

Lastly, I’ve been meaning to give the blog more prominence in this website, so I’ve decided to move my WordPress installation from to the root directory. I also want to take the opportunity to change the layout a little bit and modify some of the site’s pages, as well as getting the paypal store up and running. Meaning? This week you will see a lot of broken links, a lot of weird design changes happening in real time, errors, missing images, and non-loading mp3s. In other words, anything that can go wrong undoubtedly will. After this week is over, however, things should be quite swell.

Will try to stay in touch more as soon as I get this website sussed out!

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June 18, 2008

Kiwi FM album of the week

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During these past months I’ve been trapped in this horrid cycle of falling asleep around five in morning and sleeping well into the afternoon. Every night (or morning) I would set my cell phone alarm for a reasonable hour and tell myself that tomorrow would be the day that I would manage to wrestle myself out of bed at a decent hour. However, the bloody alarm was so abrasive, I always ended up turning it off and going back to sleep just to recover from the shock of it all. A futile attempt at resetting my internal clock.

Anyhow, fast forward (through months of misery) to the day before yesterday. I had been thinking about it for weeks: I needed a proper alarm clock. In fact, maybe I needed 3 or 4 of them. I had this odd idea of setting up alarm clocks in my living room, facing my neighbor’s bedroom. Why facing my neighbors bedroom, you might ask? Well because I am rotten at taking care of myself, but I am still a pretty decent guy, and so I figured, where rational self-interest was clearly failing me, maybe a sprinkle of contrived altruism might do the trick.

Well, I finally bought an alarm clock the other day – just one. The result, thus far? The last two days I’ve risen at 8.30 in the morning. My neighbor? Still sound asleep.

The moral of this story? Turns out I had my alarm clock set to Kiwi FM, which, so I learned this morning, is featuring my album, A Maze and Amazement, as this week’s “album of the week”. They’re giving away copies of the album, too, so be sure to listen in to Kiwi to get a copy (I am told between 10 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon on weekdays is the best time to hear our songs).

Hours of daylight ahead!

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June 16, 2008

Chart give away copies of our Cat And Bird Split 7″

Filed under: Giveaway — Mark @ 4:35 am

Jeff over at Chart just let me know that the give-away for our Cat and Bird Split 7″ is now live on their site. To win one of two limited edition lathe cuts, just head over to Chart’s website and email them the answer to a simple question.

(Hint: the answer to the question – posted on their page – can be found somewhere on Happy hunting!)

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June 8, 2008

Cat and Bird Split 7″

Filed under: Downloads,Giveaway,News — Mark @ 7:26 am

The Cat and Bird 7″ is a very limited edition split between us and the late Break Mission Kills. This collaboration, however, is more of a marriage than a split, with each of our band’s derelict post-pop aesthetic supporting the other’s. The entire run is limited to 100 copies, though the record (and bonus tracks) can be downloaded for free at

We were thrilled to work with Peter King, who has been cutting his distinctive transparent records for over 20 years in his rural Ashburton workshop. King has worked with hundreds of bands, from local unknowns to international acts such as The Beastie Boys, Pavement, and Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth. Building each lathe-cutting device out of rough-and-tumble electronics and washing machine parts, King’s polycarbonate discs are almost artisanal, individualized works of lo-fi art.

The Cat and Bird 7″ is the most recent part of a frantic and frenzied year for us, following the release of 2007’s A Maze and Amazement LP and three music videos, the completion of a national album release tour, an acoustic South Island tour, and festival appearances at Camp A Low Hum and Southern Amp.

The next year promises even more projects, including the release of a new album at the end of 2008, a few boutique shows in Japan, and a relocation to the United States around the turn of the year, followed by extensive tours up and down America.

To purchase the lathe cut in New Zealand, just visit my Trade Me listings page, where I always have a copy up for grabs at a mere 10,- NZD. If you want to order the record from oversees, just hang tight a wee bit longer, as we’re currently setting up a little paypal shop, which will make it a lot easier and safer for us to trade together.

Last but not least, for more information on the Cat and Bird Split, including free downloads of all tracks, just visit

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June 2, 2008

Tour Diary: Day 3 – Invercargill

Filed under: Tour Diary — Mark @ 1:50 pm

Despite having stayed up all night playing guitar hero, we got up nice and early. Firstly, we needed to make our way down to Invercargill by late afternoon. Invercargill lies at the southern tip of New Zealand, so we easily had a good four hour drive ahead of us. Secondly, Luci and DJ were really keen to take us to Dunedin’s local farmer’s market in order to introduce us to “bacon buddies”, a specialty of one of the market’s local vendors.


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May 25, 2008

Tour Diary: Day 2 – Dunedin

Filed under: Tour Diary — Mark @ 7:50 pm

[Photo by Roger Grauwmeijer. View entire set.]

All of us actually woke up quite early in Oamaru. We didn’t have far to drive to Dunedin, but this was the first morning where we had actually risen from our sleep being “on tour”. I felt energized and wide-eyed. The day before I arose in the same old bed that I’ve slept in for most of the last few years: a small room, dark, barren, rather unpleasant really. But this morning I was already living an adventure, and I was grateful not be at home. I felt like taking deep breaths slowly; I was glad that it was a bit brisk; I felt freer than usual.


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Simon’s South Island Tour Diary

Filed under: Other,Tour Diary — Mark @ 12:15 pm

[I’m totally stoked: Simon just emailed me his tour diary. This is the first time a post will be up on The Enright House that wasn’t written by myself. Sweet. So without further delays, here’s Simon’s diary from our South Island tour:]

[Photo by Roger Grauwmeijer. View entire set.]


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May 22, 2008

Enright House merch now on trade-me

Filed under: News — Mark @ 5:46 pm

I suppose it took me long enough, really, but after reading this interesting article (albeit, a bit annoyingly written) this afternoon, I thought – hell yeah, why not! – and put up some of our new shirts, badges, EPs and 7″s, as well as a few copies of our album. If you live outside of New Zealand and fancy buying something off us, just hang tight a wee while longer. We’ll have a proper paypal store up within the next few weeks! In the meantime:

2 1/4″ Badges/Buttons (5 NZD, including shipping):


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May 20, 2008

Frau Grau

Filed under: Diary — Mark @ 10:12 am

I just stumbled upon Frau Grau’s awesome body of drawings and mixed media work. I’m so into what she is doing! Check out more of her portfolio at The following work, entitled “There’s a feeling / That lingers in the afterwards / Will you ever return”, is a great example of her drawing style:

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Darkwave = MC Squared at the Arc Cafe in Dunedin

Filed under: Live,Tour Diary,Videos — Mark @ 5:27 am

Thank you Roger for shooting this video and sharing it with us!

Prefer to watch the clip on youtube?

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